Where Is My Motivation?

You’ve got your That Girl membership and read up on what you should be feeding yourself. You’ve even been out to buy new trainers! But when the time comes to actually bite the bullet and exercise, you decide the sofa is actually rather comfy and you’d rather have a cup of tea and a biscuit.

The That Girl team know it’s tough to motivate yourself to work out, especially in the first couple of weeks, so we have put together some motivational tips for you to get your best body yet.

Set targets and goals: That Girl designer Charli Cohen is keen on setting goals – that don’t just revolve around your weight or body shape. “Track your progress – look at the whole picture. This could be about fitness or strength, or how good your nutrition has been this week.” It’s great to have long-term goals, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Setting achievable short-term goals is great for your self esteem. “Look at what you want to achieve each week”, suggests Charli.

Remember what you want most: “Don’t give up what you want the most for what you want now” is one of That Girl trainer Christina Howells’ favourite mantras. Yes, that extra hour in bed is tempting, but is it contributing to your goals? Will you regret waking up to get your workout in – or will you regret staying in bed? If you’re thinking of how far you have to go for what you want, “plug on”, says Charli. Remember how far you have come, not just how far you have to go.

Prepare and plan: “Sunday night do your workout plan, once it’s in the diary then it stays in the diary”, advises Christina. That Girl content intern Sarah is slightly neurotic about the state of her diary. “I hate messing up my diary by crossing things out – so I make sure I stick to the workouts I’ve written in!” she says. Sundays could also be used to prepare batches of freshly cooked food for the coming week. Refrigerate or freeze, then simply heat up at lunch or dinner. Having the food ready to go saves you being tempted to pick up a takeaway after a late work meeting.

Consider your lifestyle: If you work very long hours or have a demanding lifestyle, it’s probably not the best idea to suddenly decide to train for a marathon. “Rather than try and fit into a workout routine it is far better to make the exercise fit you”, says Christina. As a designer, PT and That Girl team member, Charli knows how to manage the needs of a busy lifestyle: “There is always time if you manage it efficiently – and what’s really essential is planning in time to rest as well!” The That Girl workouts are perfect to fit in as and when you need them to. Just download the GIFs onto your phone or tablet, then you can easily work out before work, while baby is sleeping, or even in a quiet office after hours – we won’t tell!

Finally, make sure you are kind to yourself: Everyone slips up now and again – just make sure you learn from your mistake. Were you angry, lonely, tired? Had your planning gone awry that day? Learn your triggers and figure out what works for you. Don’t let one slip-up turn into a week or even a full day of slip-ups. And don’t forget that exercise releases fantastic feel-good endorphins, so get your trainers on, sweat it out, and you’re sure to feel full of motivation!