EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, a scientifically proven technology developed to optimise muscular performance and strength. EMS has been around for a while predominantly used by athletes to improve performance and physios to advance rehabilitation and address muscle imbalance. In Germany, it is the number one go-to for resolving back pain and postural issues.

Today EMS has made its way into the fitness world providing an intelligent training methodology which when combined with traditional exercise can support your journey to a stronger, fitter, more functional and leaner body.

How It Works

In traditional training the brain sends electrical signals via the central nervous system to cause muscles to contract. However, when EMS is applied, the musculature also receives an external stimulus, whereby small precisely timed electrical impulses are sent to the nerve supply of the target muscles telling them to contract.

The process allows you to activate significantly more muscles fibres predominantly fast twitch, than you normally would during a conventional training session.

In short, more of the muscle is put to work creating a larger training stimulus in a shorter period of time, in fact 20 minutes is equivalent to a 90 min conventional workout. Therefore, offering the most efficient and evenly distributed resistance strength-training available.

Who Is It For?

EMS is a win for everyone aged 18-80. It works beautifully for people who don’t like the typical gym, group class environment or for those who want to gain maximum results in minimum time.

Similarly, it’s a great form of exercise for unconditioned people providing them with the confidence to move more and ability to become stronger.

For the regular exerciser it’s like a boost to their week’s movement – almost like turning on a light bulb leaving muscles feeling activated. At the same time, it’s just as beneficial for performance athletes who wants to give themselves the edge.

For older adults it helps maintain/increase muscle mass and function without putting stress on the joints.
All EMS sessions are customed tailored to everyone needs and goals. It really is a win, win for everyone.

The Benefits

Muscle Benefits: EMS increases physical strength, stimulates muscle growth, improves core function, and provides and an intelligent way to improve aesthetics whilst bullet proofing (safeguarding) one’s joints so movement can be executed safely and effectively.

Back pain: Research has shown EMS can significantly reduce lower back pain in as little as 4 sessions and improve posture. In some cases, EMS clients have even reported a total alleviation of their (chronic) back problems.

This is due to EMS ability to target the deeper core muscles often difficult to work when a person is in pain.  Additionally, after the session a further 10 minutes relax setting is applied similar to the popular tens mode to help reduce pain and allow the muscle to relax whilst the client rests.

Balanced workout: Whole body EMS-Training recruits all the body’s large muscle groups simultaneously providing a balanced workout avoiding over working/under working opposing muscle groups which often occurs in traditional workouts. This in turn reduces the risk of injuries in other activities

Joint friendly: EMS allows the user to work at maximal effort by increasing the electrical stimulus to the muscle externally reducing the load on the joints, ligaments and tendons and therefore reducing the risk of injury.

Time efficient: EMS is becoming increasingly popular with those who want to get fit but are time-deprived and don’t wish to spend hours in the gym each week, as well as with those who want to enhance their performance and results.

Rehabilitation: EMS is an invaluable tool in both exercise rehabilitation and prehab helping individuals address muscle imbalances and strengthen weaknesses.

Positive addiction: Once people try it, they are immediately hooked on this time-efficient workout that provides

Muscle recovery: The relax program encourages faster muscle recovery improving blood circulation to evacuate metabolic waste. It also encourages muscle relaxation excellent for those struggling with back pain.

What happens in a typical session?

The user will be provided with base layers that allow for a maximum stimulus. Your then helped into your specially designed EMS suit which the impulses pass through. During the 20-minute session a series of exercises will be performed to voluntarily contract the muscles at the same time as the impulse creating a near total muscle contraction, The intensity of this effect can be controlled through regulation of the electric current itself and the performed exercises.

Each muscle group is controlled individually by adjusting settings on an EMS device making each session completely bespoke to each client. The exercises will be targeted to address your goals and needs.

How long to see the benefits?

With 4 sessions the user will see improvements in posture and feel stronger with a reduction in lower back pain should that be a concern. 

After 10 sessions the user should see and feel significant benefits to strength, body aesthetics and over all well-being. 

Of course, following a healthy lifestyle is imperative as with any form of exercise.