Introducing our unique 12-week total body plan for women. Designed by one of the UK’s most sought after female trainers, Christina Howells, known for her no-nonsense results based programmes, to transform your mind and body and educate you to live a smarter, healthier lifestyle. This is not a temporary quick fix but the beginning of a lifestyle change.

What do you get?

  • A ‘kick-start’ results-based 8 week programme, combining interval training and unique body-weight exercises you can do anywhere.
  • A further 4 weeks of follow-on workouts, to shock your system and keep you motivated.
  • Direct access to support via our Facebook page and via email with Christina and her team.
  • Nutritional advice and easy-to-follow recipes.
  • Lifestyle support and coaching.



When it comes to personal trainers a one-size-fits-all approach is plain wrongheadedness. You need to find somebody who understands your strengths and weaknesses and who can help you achieve the body shape you really want. For many of London’s most style conscious and successful, that trainer is Christina Howells – a woman whose collection of press clippings speaks volumes about her ability to do all of the above.
Esme Benjamin
News Features Editor,
Christina is an expert on the female form and concentrates her exercises accordingly, creating a long, lean, feminine shape – with exceptional results. She also has a wide-ranging knowledge of healthy eating, and her advice is attainable – and lifestyle-changing. Best of all, her routines are fun – I looked forward to every session in the gym.
Charlotte Williamson
Yesterday I looked in the mirror and for the first time in 3 years I saw my old healthy self! I was so happy I started crying! You have done wonders for me – not only does my ass look amazing, but now I can really see it in my face too xx
Natalie Alderson
Body by Regular
No matter your shape, size or stamina that girl has the workout for you. Using your own body as resistance her fun and inventive workouts can be done anywhere from the gym to the office to your flat. The real genius is Christina herself, whose spark and vivacious personality makes the workout almost painless, almost! Every girl should be a that girl!
Frankie Williams
Josh Wood Colour
Who is That Girl? She is the high powered career woman, she is the stay at home mum with 4 children, she is the student with part time jobs; that girl is every girl! A series of high intensity moves that can take between 20 to 60 minutes, can be done in any location and can be tailored to each that girls’ physique. The mix of doing the online GIFs at home and workouts with Christina in the gym keeps That Girl fresh, fun and innovative.
Becky Ferris
Josh Wood Colour
That Girl workouts are fun yet they push you and your muscles to the limit. You become aware of muscles groups and a range of motions, as if re-discovering your body all over again. The workouts challenge your body and make you think about the movements you are doing. You will sweat and you will laugh – THAT GIRL workouts are one of the best I have discovered in the last few years.
Galina Achkasova-Portianoi
Freelance Journalist
Forget what you know about the gym routine: over 20 years in the making, Christina’s technique does away with the humdrum of machines and circuits and uses her own smart, and always fun, training and self-taught, tried and tested movements to motivate the body, muscles and mind to change – with dramatic effect. And it doesn’t matter what your starting point is, because whether you’re a gym shy newcomer or a regular that isn’t seeing change, this method breathes new life into fitness so you can expect those sculpting and toning changes follow fast.
Katy Young
Harpers Bazaar, UK
Christina transformed my body and my attitude towards exercise. I got the kind of curvy yet lean and toned feminine shape I always wanted. I shed 3 stone and gained a new love of working out!
Alesandra Steinherr
Beauty Director, Glamour
I first met Christina when trial-ing her workout method for an InStyle feature. After seeing a massive difference in my legs within a mere week, I’ve been hooked on my weekly sessions. She has a real knack for knowing how to sculpt a woman’s body by ditching those uninspiring gym machines, and relying instead on her own unique combo of bodyweight exercises and small range of equipment. Plus, she makes it easy to maintain a newly sculpted physique thanks to thatgirl online workout videos. These mean you can perform in the comfort (and solitude) of your own home. She’s simply the trainer to have on speed dial!
Malena Harbers
Beauty Editor, Instyle
That Girl has got to be the easiest and most fun way to work out at home, with clear instructions from world-class instructors, and imaginative moves that work and are pretty fun, too
Brigid Moss
Health Director, Red
That Girl has worked miracles on my arms, legs, butt and mind – plus uncovered a waist I’d almost forgotton I had!
Jane Bruton
Editor, Grazia
For long lean muscles and a strong yet feminine shape she is the best in the business at transforming bodies.
Anna Murphy
Editor, Sunday Telegraph
Christina got me back in shape after my son was born. Thank goodness for her!
Emily Mortimer
I worked with Christina for a four month period, and in that time I felt a real strengthening in my body, and an overall increased level of energy.
Minnie Driver
Christina is a first class personal trainer. She is alert to personal requirements and different body conditions. I highly recommend her.
Ralph Fiennes
That girl keeps me sane, and according to my husband my arse in shape!
Katie Grand
Editor, Love

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