Personal Training

I provide 1-2-1 professional personal training dedicated to the over 40’s and midlife years for both men and women alike.

At age 55, I understand first-hand the physiological changes that occur as we age.

Primary ageing is inevitable, but the rate at which this happens is reflected in how we live our lives. I firmly believe we can “age-proof our body’ and add life to years through the 4 pillars of health – movement, sleep, rest and nutrition. Furthermore, maintaining and increasing muscle is the key to anti-ageing for our health and how we look and feel.

Keeping abreast of current research and methodologies, I combine mobility, flexibility, balance and resistance exercises with improving functional movement, strength, performance, and, as a side effect, enhanced aesthetic appearance. My skills and knowledge extend beyond the exercise session, offering wellness advice and support.

I truly practice what I preach, and my ethos is to inspire others to redefine their limits, build confidence and add life to years. I will help you break down the barriers, find solutions, and empower you to see new possibilities and reach your full potential.

The results – move better, feel better, live better.

“You, me and everyone can become the best version of ourselves when we invest the. time to do so.”

Need a kickstart or reset

Christina is also partnered with the Pure Package, London’s premier choice for pre-pared healthy meals to support your health. Meals are adjusted according to your physical health, fitness goal, activity level and training schedule. Programmes include longevity, weight loss, training support or bespoke designed just for you. This can be used as a kickstart or reset when you feel you need to take back control and need that extra help. The food is so good you may find yourself hooked.