Christina Howells

10 Years Study
Three decades of Experience
100% Dedication

Meet Christina Howells, Fitness and Wellness expert and Master EMS trainer for Miha Bodytec. With a background in preparing actors for films and working/travelling with high-net-worth clients, she has a wealth of expertise coupled with her academic background in exercise science, nutrition and psychology. Christina is known for her experience within the industry, extensive knowledge and immense passion for helping people find the best version of themselves. With 3 decades of experience, it’s true to say she loves what she does, in fact it is a lifestyle to her.

Practising what she preaches, her unique ability to inspire people and contagious enthusiasm for living a healthier and fitter life instils confidence in others. She will open your eyes to a new you; her commitment is to your excellence.

“Never underestimate your ability to change,
we all have the potential to redefine our limits.”

Christina has coached, mentored and travelled with a diverse clientele from leading actors, artists, authors, people struggling with physical health and illness, busy professionals and several international royalties. Today, apart from taking care of her longstanding clients, she has a keen interest in working with the over 40 “s, midlife fitness and wellbeing. Encompassing everything from disease prevention to looking, moving and feeling better. At 55, she feels these decades are a time to age-proof your body and live your best life.

“If ever there was an anti-ageing pill, you would have to call it movement.”


Christina recently discovered EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), which she wished she had known about sooner. It’s life-changing, helping people of all ages improve and maintain their muscle tone and strength whilst enhancing their movement and core strength, improving posture and boosting body confidence. In an athletic realm, improved muscle fibre recruitment and neuromuscular performance can help athletes generate more power and increase their muscular endurance and strength. Furthermore, research has shown EMS can reduce back pain within 2-4 sessions whilst aiding injury recovery without stressing the joints.

“Not only have I been able to address muscular in-balances due to past injuries, but my efficiency and ability in yoga and exercise have improved to levels I would typically struggle to reach.”

Adding EMS to your weekly training regime is like adding the cherry on the cake – it’s life-changing.

“EMS challenges 90% of your muscle fibres, delivering 85 contractions per second”

Christina now offers EMS as a stand-alone service for all ages to enhance their strength, tone and performance in just 20 minutes 1-2 x a week.


  • Exercise & Sport Science BSc Hons MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology Post
  • Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Therapy Yoga Alliance Qualified Established industry presence (Press awareness)
  • Certificated FRC mobility specialist (FRCms) a mobility system developed by the renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr Andreo Spina.
  • EMS certificated trainer (electrical muscle stimulation