Christina Howells

10 Years Study
25 Years’ Experience
100% Dedication

As a leading, London based personal trainer and lifestyle management coach, Christina Howells has a proven track record, with over 25 years of personal fitness industry knowledge, she stands out in her class.

With her drive, passion and dedication to continued education, she is always ahead of the game. Helping her clients find and continue to be the best version of themselves and practising what she preaches, her unique ability to inspire is contagious! Christina’s enthusiasm for living a healthier and fitter life always inspires confidence in her clients – her commitment is to your excellence.

Christina has coached, mentored, and trained a diverse client base. These included; leading actors, artists, international royalty and business professionals and people struggling with dieting and exercise and illness.

With a holistic methodology, Christina is deeply rooted in science. Her academic education and continued study are ever-evolving and refining her approach, while keeping things simple and effective. “It all starts with changing your mindset” Christina will tell you, setting the foundations and progressively challenging both body and mind.

Fitness is a lifestyle” Christina says. It’s about changing your mindset and developing a better connection with your body; moving more, moving better, feeling better and being consistent, while of course making it fun!


Exercise & Sport Science BSc Hons MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology Post Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Therapy Yoga Alliance Qualified Established industry presence (Press awareness)

Certificated FRC mobility specialist (FRCms) a mobility system developed by the renowned musculoskeletal expert Dr Andreo Spina.

EMS certificated trainer (electrical muscle stimulation )