That Girl’s New Year Message – Out with the old and in with the new

“Out with the old and in with the new”

How many times have you heard that saying and how many times have you thought “I must make changes in my life, I must start taking care of my health and fitness”. It maybe a cliché but January really can be the best time to start focusing on you as let’s face it for things to change it starts with you. Remember goals represent challenge in their most positive form.

The power of positive thinking and new seasons ahead are great motivators. That little party dress, those new shoes and those killer legs in them, well that doesn’t happen without effort and the best time to start is now!

The team at ‘That Girl’, are always here to help!  Those of you that need a little motivation should look no further than our very own Christina Howells MSc Bsc, whom we are excited to announce was included in The Telegraph’s Stella magazine ‘TOP 50 Trend Setting Women to follow in 2018’!  Click here to read the article.

That Girl Christina is always available for advice to those of you that follow the ‘That Girl Method’ training plan or are simply a fan of our Instagram page. And to those who have not yet subscribed, Christina and the team behind ‘That Girl’ are always available to help get you started on your journey to a new you for 2018 with the 12-Week Online Mind & Body Plan


Above – Christina Howells By Nina Shaw

Three tips for making changes in 2018

Determine your why

This is important as if we don’t know “why “ then we are more likely to stop . The best way in my experience to do this is to reflect and evaluate.

Write down your current situation and what you have accomplished and then ask yourself is that ok ? What is your current level of satisfaction with this ? You can then determine if you need to do more in this area and where you need to go – dream as big as you want.

Dream a little

One of the amazing things we can do is shut out the noise of the world around us and simply take some time to be quiet and listen to our hearts and soon we will discover our dreams. Remember your pad and pen as you need these to jot down your thoughts and later work on your goals to lead you to what you really want.

Goals provide a sense of direction

When you set goals for yourself you give yourself A sense of direction along the path to achieving your dreams. These goals are what allows your mind to focus on a given desire rather than wasting energy with no clear direction of how to get where you want. So take the time to map a clear path because without focus your abilities and talent have no direction.