Self-belief is the confidence in your own abilities or judgement. It’s the positive feeling you have that makes you feel capable of taking on new challenges in your life or solving problems. When we lack self-belief we are less likely to see opportunities or try to solve problems. Our minds are powerful, they have the ability to make or break us!

Take a look at the labels you’ve placed on yourself. Have you decided that you are not good enough? That you are not skilled enough or worried about what others might think? Once you draw a conclusion about yourself this is very likely to trigger a spiral of negativity; you may look for evidence that reinforces this belief and discount anything that runs contrary to it. What is more, you are probably right and therefore only get what you believe you deserve…

Now consider, for example, someone tells you that they are not skilled enough. Maybe it’s not for their lack of talent that holds them back but rather their belief that they are not talented. The effect of such negative thought could hold them back from trying and simply reinforce their belief and fear of negatives!

Now, if I told you that talent can only get you so far and by being humble and working through the process you can learn new skills to perform better, then you might naturally adopt a more optimistic outlook! This can lead to being more productive, more empowered, and therefore invite the possibility of a better outcome, one that will reinforce positivity and self-belief.

If you want more in your life, then start by with telling yourself “Yes I can!”

So, what happens when we tell ourselves we can?
Self-belief allows us to see opportunities and set goals to reach them.
Self-belief fuels action and motivation to work through the process.
Self-belief allows us to see setbacks as part of the process and an opportunity to learn and grow.
Self-belief finds solutions from problems.
Self-belief draws others in. When we are passionate about something energy flows and others want what you have.

Remember, we are all capable of doing or being whatever we want. Start by re-examining your negatives beliefs, go out and challenge them, and dismiss the limiting ideas you hold about yourself.


Written by our co-founder and personal trainer Christina Howells who holds an MSc in sport and exercise psychology.