Pure Package – The Wellness Awards

We are honoured to announce That Girl’s Co Founder and Personal Trainer Christina Howells has been selected as a judge for the 2018 awards. With Christinas passion for wellness and movement we believe she is the perfect person for the job. In the next few months she will be busy reviewing nominations to help find the best of the best, and believe us this girl does not miss a trick 👍

Let us tell you a little more about this exciting event:

What is The Wellness Awards: The Pure Package wellness award is an annual established event  developed to honour and celebrate the stars of the British health & wellness industry.

Who started it: Jennifer Irvine is the Founder of The Pure Package and Chairwoman of The Wellness Awards.  Christina and Jennifer have know each other many years now and worked together on past projects. In Christina’s words “Jenny is a true inspiration to the health and wellness industry , her passion for wellness , for food and for knowledge are contagious. A true leader in wellness today! “

Benefits: The Pure Package awards have a massive impact on the health and wellness industry as it celebrates the brightest stars, the hardest workers, the innovators and the pioneers to be. They are currently the only British awards focusing and celebrating the health and fitness industry. Aren’t they awesome!

The Process: Pure Package have created 10 categories for their awards where you can nominate individuals and companies you feel deserve to win. Once the nominations close the selected panel of judges will review all nominations, visit the companies when possible and learn more about the nominees, before making a final decision. Winners will be announced at a private event in Central London. That girl encourages you to nominate your wellness hero, click here to nominate, its a quick and simple process.

Last year’s winners: 2016 winners are an incredible group of individuals and organisations. The 2016 winners included, Best Wellness Newcomers 2016 – Amy Hopkinson and Best Wellness Journalist 2016 – Ian Marber. To read more about last year’s winners click here.

The Judges:  The selected judges are an inspirational group of individuals who all have a positive impact on the wellness industry. The judges range from established and highly qualified Personal Trainers, Sportswear Designers , journalists and Harley Street Nutritionists. All the judges have achieved in their fields and have been especially chosen for the ability to recognise true talent.  To read more about the judges for 2018 and 2016 click here.

Nominations for 2018 are now open, the winners will be announced at the next exciting event on February 1st 2018 in Central London.