“ON LOVE” by Elisabeth Goodchild

The stories we tell ourselves about how loving and lovable we are also affect the boundaries we have for how loving and loveable we will allow ourselves and others to be.   Whether it’s self-love, love of others or love of the world, we need to know and set boundaries that mean we own our relationship with love.  Because it is our relationship.  Yet how loving or loveable I am is not based on how lovingly I treat myself or how lovingly others treat me.  I may let those things affect my thinking about my relationship with love, but if I listen to my heart – if I have even once experienced that sensation of divine love that transcends everything – then I will know that there is only love, and that no amount of thought can get rid of that love.  My thoughts might over-ride it, other people might make me question it or I might lose sight of it, but it doesn’t go anywhere and it doesn’t change.  If love in our hearts is divine and we struggle to define it or explain where it comes from how can we can we even presume to assume that it isn’t eternal or ever-present?   Love is not a thing, an object.  It is our essence.  It is a connection to something greater – to a greater love.  And we hold that in our hearts – not our heads.  Our heads try to conceptualise and contextualise love.  Our hearts are love.”


Elisabeth is a writer and author of the book Finding My Peace.   She has recently stopped thinking about being a writer and getting published and decided to do something about it!  Finding My Peace is her first book. It is a guide to thinking, living and love for those of us that aren’t philosophers, scientists, biologists or actively searching for spiritual enlightenment but who are struggling to make sense of their lives and have experienced any sort of depression or sadness or feelings of not fitting in or of being a failure.

Finding My Peace is yet to be published, but in the mean-time you can find out more about thinking, living, loving and story-writing by following Elisabeth @lizziegoodchild (Instagram) @goodchildem (twitter) and @LizMGoodchild (facebook).

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