Mindfulness, Meditation, whatever we want to call it: Silence can be Golden

Just as Rumi said the crack is where the light comes in so silence is the place where we hear the most.

Away from the noise and chatter of the rest of the world, maybe it is the silence of space and time where we can slow down and hear what we are really telling ourselves or, if we listen closely, what is missing from our thinking.  We often struggle to make our deepest and most personal, powerful thoughts heard over the constant gibber-gabbering of the everyday as they react to everything that’s going on around us.

Silence is not empty.  Just as we know now that space isn’t empty so silence is full of the energy and wisdom of the universe and all that is inherent within you as your true nature.

If we stop and listen to the silence what do we hear? Are our minds full of judgements, what-ifs, denials, opinions, frustration, he-saids and she-saids or maybe, possibly, laughter and joy? Do our minds resonate with what our hearts and souls are telling us – are they speaking the same language of our dreams, desires and truths?

Listening to the silence allows us to be mindful. And as with all things in life that mindfulness – that slowing down mentally and physically – allows us to consider whether we are out of balance, whether there are thoughts and feelings and emotions that aren’t serving us well.

Just like focusing on that perfect handstand, or on putting one foot in front of the other in a walking meditation, that awareness of who we are, where we are, and what we are doing in any moment in time, can help us to breathe more easily into our lives.

And just like physical fitness, our mental health is something we need to practice – even if it’s just for five minutes a day.

Silence may not have the same force as noise but is surely has more power.

By Elizabeth Goodchild

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