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The secret to looking your absolute best starts with healthy skin. When your skin is in great shape your whole face looks fresher and exudes natural vitality. When you skin is in poor shape it can make you look tired and drawn, and older than your years.

Healthy Skin Starts with Great Skincare

Traditional moisturisers speed up the ageing process by disrupting the barrier function and slowing down the active cells thereby causing thin, dry, itchy, sensitive and weak skin. We reverse that process by making the skin healthy and then stimulate active growth and rejuvenation.

Elevate your Skin Health

Beyond use-at-home skincare products, we work on enhancing and nurturing your skin. Much can be done to improve your skin quality using proven products and techniques, according to your skin type, age and any pre-existing conditions. We have devised what we call the Skin Care Pyramid to help our customs to get Skin Healthy.

About Dr Norup

Dr Mette Norup originally graduated as a dentist in Denmark in 1987, where she was the proprietor of a private cosmetic dental clinic until 1995. She then spent ten years working in oral surgery doing periodontal and plastic surgery. She now works entirely with medical aesthetics with a special interest in dermatology. She is also a master of injectables including dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing treatments.

Why not start with a skin consultation?

A skin consultation will allow Mette to discuss your skin concerns and your lifestyle e.g. time spent in the sun or any ongoing conditions such as acne, rosacea or pigmentation issues. She will then make recommendations and design a skincare programme for you. Visit our website and see our results page to find out more.

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