Charlie Lauder

Charlie Launder has two very different sides to her life – backflips and babies. She can either be seen flipping upside down as a gymnast or with a baby strapped to her as co-founder of Bumps & Burpees, London’s top pre & postnatal training facility.

Charlie started her personal training career by visiting clients in their homes, and before she knew it she was becoming more and more popular amongst the mums of London and running out of time to see them all. The timing of the Lomax partnership couldn’t have been better timed. Charlie met Jonathan Lomax and together they came up with the concept of Bumps & Burpees and they haven’t looked back since. With mums coming from far and wide to train with Charlie’s team, the family is growing and the word is getting out there that staying strong and fit during pregnancy is vital.

Bumps & Burpees is only one part of Charlie’s life as she trains and competes in artistic gymnastics as well. This has been part of her life since she was 8 years old and though it requires a lot of commitment, she ensures she saves time for training as it is something she is passionate about and as long as she still loves it, she will continue to do it!