That Girl Tips – How to Beat Phone Addiction

Phone addiction seems to be a hot topic recently in conversation. Often our minds wander and get lost in technology, resulting in us losing time and consciousness in our phones. Unaware we are repeatedly drawn in by our phones and not until moments later does our mind catch up with our actions. That Girl has developed 4 top tips to help you overcome the need to scroll social media and be present. We understand that not all of these tips will fit everyone’s lifestyle however making a conscious decision to limit your usage of your phone is a step in the right direction.

Time allowance – we are all guilty of being drawn in by our phone and getting lost in a void of scrolling through social media. If you do find yourself being drawn in by your phone, be conscious about it. Set a timer for 5 minutes and once the timer goes off put your phone away and stop. What else could you do with the time you have just gained back?

Cut off point – flight mode is your friend, phone addiction appears to be at its worst in the evening for most people, how do we stop that? Set a time every evening where you have a cut off point and put your phone on flight mode. This technique can also be used when attending events etc when you need/want to be present in the moment so the temptation isn’t there.

Be committed – give 100% to what you are doing. Invest your time in the important aspects of your life give them/it your full attention.

Accountability – tell people you’ll be offline from a certain time and then they’ll be able to call you out if you break your curfew.