Super-charge a Humble Salad with Omega 3!

Taking a liquid fish oil has many benefits over capsules, primarily the amount of EPA and DHA you can get in one dose. You can take it directly from the spoon or some people I know just glug it out of the bottle! Alternatively, if you don’t like the thought of that, you can very easily incorporate it into a salad dressing. Here’s a great, simple recipe that will super charge your salad and deliver a really good dose of Omega 3 without you even noticing…

We call it: The Vinomaigrette

Take a clean jam jar with a well fitting lid. Pour in:

5 tablespoons of a good extra virgin olive oil.
1 tablespoon of Lion Heart Omega 3 fish oil.
2 tablespoons of a nice vinegar – red wine, white wine, sherry…
1 heaped teaspoon of wholegrain mustard.
Bash one garlic clove and drop it in.
Good pinch of Maldon salt and freshly ground pepper.

Shake it like mad until it emulsifies and thickens.

This will make enough for a very large, well dressed salad for 2 adults or a smaller side salad for a family of 4.

Omega 3 content per serving of salad (between 2):

3,500mg Omega 3
1,995mg EPA
1,140mg DHA

Written by Melanie Lawson for That Girl™

About the author

Melanie Lawson is the founder of Bare Biology, specialising in the highest quality Omega 3 fish oil for purity, strength and taste. Their first product, Lion Heart, was launched in September 2013 and is the only British brand to be certified by the International Fish Oil Standards programme and has ten times more EPA & DHA than standard brands.

Melanie is a mum of three who, like many entrepreneurs, spotted a gap in the market when researching products for her own family. Her previous career in marketing, plus her love of quality food and good health came together in her quest to make Omega 3 supplements as they should be.

Lion Heart is available from, Liberty London & other select retailers.

That Girl says…

Full disclosure: we received complimentary samples of Lion Heart but this is NOT a sponsored post. We only write about or collaborate with brands who we truly believe in and would indepentantly choose for ourselves and clients. We love Lion Heart fish oil here at That Girl HQ and 100% recommend it as the best fish oil product we;ve come across on the UK market!