Summer Body Confidence: Part Two

Last week we heard the first three summer body confidence tips from Emma Mills. Let’s hear the final three so we can be full of love for ourselves over the summer season!

4. Make the most of yourself: There are people out there who work out whatever the weather; rain or shine; old dog eaten trainers and hand me down sports wear. And there are others who get a buzz from looking (and feeling) the part, with fresh designer sportswear, luxe yoga mats and the best teachers. Most of us who fall somewhere in between. There’s no right or wrong here, it’s just about knowing what works best for you. If you know that getting into shape with the finest is going to feel amazing, then pre-empt that and treat yourself. Often, In socially conscious traditions, objects and material life are disregarded as ephemeral and illusory, and while I can understand why; if these tools (read, fancy yoga pants) are sought with considered, self awareness as for why you are getting them, then why not make the most of them?

5. Get a united front: Gurdjieff, the classic Russian philosopher once said “most people lack a unified consciousness and are prey to the fluctuations of their minds. In this, many I’s arise and dissolve each moment’. How many I’s are you? There may be an I that says one evening ‘No, you don’t need to go for that swim, you’re tired, you’ve had a busy day, just watch TV and take tea and cake instead, why the heck not you are in charge’. And there is another I which arises post tea and cake, to say ‘Oh you are terrible, look what you’ve done!’. Likewise, there’s an I that goes to bed vowing to wake up at 6am and meditate, and an I who wakes up at 6 am and hits snooze. Are these the same I? Who knows, certainly not I. But there is something you can do, and that is to work with this apparent multiplicity of selves. Start by playing with the the possibility that you have many facets, like a diamond, and begin to preempt the needs of those facets before they scupper your plans or clog up your thoughts. This might mean putting your clean gym clothes next to the bed so that when you arise they are there ready and waiting to go, and you are auto reminded of that I that wanted to get up early. Likewise, taking a prepared healthy lunch to work is likely to preempt the I, that sods the nutritious living plan when it’s 4pm, you’re starving, and the only thing left at Pret is a cheese baguette. It’s simply about being honest and getting to know yourself and your ways. The creative director at our studios often says, “we spend a lot of time thinking about our selves, but we don’t take the time to truly get to know ourselves.” I think he’s onto something.

6. Reaffirm: I love the analogy of the world out there as an uncarved block, which is carved into a form of reality by the the mind. Your body is a body much the same as everyone else’s. What leads to it being perceived as thin or fat, or pretty or ugly or just right, is mediated by the conditioning of your mind, which can in turn be shaped by cultural norms and medical guidelines. As with all goals – business, sports or body – it’s crucial to affirm to yourself regularly what is important to you, and why. If your goal is to be be strong and energised it’s likely that certain healthy living programmes will support those goals better than others. Being inspired by others is great but don’t let social media, or the the rise of the digital image, affect your confidence. Let others shape their healthy body, and in turn give yourself the chance to learn about and confidently enjoy yours too.

I hope these 6 steps will inspire you to restyle your summer body wellness plan with confidence.
Thank you for reading!

Text by Emma Mills

Emma is a psychological coach and therapist, and is the founder of Mapetry Sessions & Emma Mills Meditation. She has been featured in Vogue, More, Argent Lifestyle and has  worked with Johnson & Johnson, The Royal Opera House, The BBC, and The Houses of Parliament. Further work is available at or you can reach her on Twitter @EMillsTherapies.

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By being happy now, keeping the faith, looking after our health and reaffirming our goals, we are now ready to hit the beach! We’re sure there was something about treating yourself to new kit too – so maybe it’s time to buy that bikini we were lusting after…