This workout is high intensity interval training but in a different format where the moves have been “stacked” so with each round you increase the amount of effort but not the rest time.

The workouts mainly consist of  plyometric exercises which give your metabolism a boost and maintain lean muscle mass.  Since muscle maintenance needs more energy than fat maintenance, you will burn more calories with activity and at rest.

Just as with any new exercise routine, the key to improving your performance and reaching your goals is consistently. As you get better and stronger at the movements move to the next Hitt workout. I suggest if you’re new to exercise stay with hit 1 and 2 for the duration of the last six weeks of our challenge. If you’re already training regularly then every two weeks move to the next Hitt workout from 1 4.

How to do it

  • Do Exercise 1 for 30 seconds; rest for 10 secs
  • Do Exercise 1 and 2 for 30 seconds each; rest for 10 secs?
  • Do Exercise 1,2,3 for 30 seconds each; rest for 10
  • Do Exercise 1,2,3, 4 for 30 seconds each; rest for 1 min before repeating one more round.



Feet are a little wider than hip width with toes slightly turned outwards. Your hands are together in front of your chest.  Gaze is forwards.

Keeping your spine in neutral hinge your hips backwards as if to sit on a chair keeping your hands clasped in front of your chest.  From your lowest point root down through your heels to return yourself back to the start position using your arms to assist the movement.

Repeat the squat but this time from your lowest point explosively jump up vertically as high as you can.  Land back into the squat position to complete one rep.

Top Tip
Be mindful to use your whole foot to jump and not just your toes.



Come into a plank position on your forearms with your feet together. Shoulders are in line with your elbows, gaze down, keeping the body in one straight line from head to heel.

Draw your abdominals in to initiate the move and jump your legs wider than hip width apart and return to your start position.

Top Tip
You can also perform this exercise on your hands to challenge shoulder stability.



You need a chair seat, bench, or prop that you can jump your feet on to. Start with your hands and feet on the floor. Your hips are slightly lifted and knees are slightly bent.

Keeping your hands firmly planted on the floor, bend your knees to propel your hips upwards as you jump, feet together, onto the box. Focus on drawing your abdominals inward and landing softly.

Top Tip
I advise keeping trainers on for this one.



Come into full plank position on your hands and feet. Your shoulders are in line with your wrists and feet together. Your body forms a straight line from head to feet, neck is long and gaze down. Abdominals are engaged.

Keeping the plank position take a step to the right moving hands and feet simultaneously. Continue the movement to you reach one side of the room and then return.

Top Tip
Be mindful to keep your abdominals engaged throughout the exercise and avoid slumping your back in the plank position.