How to do it

In this circuit, you want to aim to do each exercise for 90 seconds and rest for 30 secs. Take 1-2 mins rest between circuits and repeat the circuits 3 x through or 4 if you want a real challenge.


For this one you’re going to need a bench or step (although you can also do the exercise with your hands on the floor if you don’t have anything available).

Stand to one side of your prop with hands firmly on the floor. Your feet are together and knees soft.

On floor: Hands and feet are on the floor with hips held high to form a pyramid position, knees are bent.

How She Does It
Prop: Engaging the abdominals bend your knees deeply to spring your legs over the prop to the other side. On landing on your toes you can jump immediately back or take a small bounce before jumping back.

Floor: Keeping your hands firmly planted on the floor, bend your knees deeply to propel your hips upwards kicking your heels towards your bum as you jump, feet together, from right to left.


Come into squat position with hands held in front of your chest. Tighten your abdominal muscles to support your body during the jump.

From your squat position, propel yourself upwards and as far to the right as you can (as if you’re jumping over a yoga mat). Bend your knees as you land to support your joints. From here, step your left leg back into a deep lunge and return to your squat position to jump to your left. On landing, you lunge the right leg back.


Come into full plank position on your hands and feet. Your shoulders are in line with your wrists and feet together. Your body forms a straight line from head to heels, neck is long and gaze down.

How She Does It
Keeping your abdominals tight and body straight, jump your hands and feet apart allowing your elbows to bend as you lower your body into a press. Immediately jump them back again.


Come into full plank position with your feet placed firmly on the paper plates. Shoulders are in line with your hands.

How She Does It
Lower your body into a single leg squat before bending at the waist to reach the hands to the floor. Jump back with your left leg into a one legged plank, keeping your right foot off the ground.

Maintaining the plank position, draw the right knee towards the right elbow as you lower the body into a spider woman press up. Return the left leg, ready to jump back to the start on the left leg.