Welcome to the ‘Be That girl’ challenge. A unique programme designed to help you feel better, look better and perform better.

We want this challenge to be part of a journey to living your best life through exercise and healthy eating, because you can!

By following the 8 week programme you will be able to track your progress each week and at the end you will be able to look back and see how far you have come.

How to build a That Girl Body – The 8 Week challenge

The plan encompasses what we believe are the essentials to building the very best version of you. Following a combination of bodyweight training, steady state cardio, HITT sessions and appropriate rest, this guide will allow you to fit the ‘Be That Girl’ challenge workouts in to your schedule.

The challenge is eight weeks long and divided in to four training blocks, each one lasting two weeks. Every two weeks your resistance workout is moved up a notch to challenge you a little more. There’s also lots of our favourite signatures moves that we all love throughout. For just a few of the exercises, you will need a resistance band and there are options to add either a kettle bell, medicine ball or weights to some movements if you have them available to you. However, these are not essential.

You will perform two types of cardiovascular exercise, steady state and high intensity interval training. We believe that the best form of cardio training is not one or the other but a blend of the two tailored as part of your training week.

Steady state cardio

The first two to four weeks your cardio sessions will comprise of just steady state, and this means a little discipline from you. I will go into details later.

Steady state cardio is an important factor in improving cardiovascular health and fitness as well as helping with fat loss. It compliments your workouts and promotes recovery by increasing oxygen to your muscles to shuttle away the by-products of your resistance workouts and later on in the challenge, your HITT sessions.

The simple act of walking at pace is perfect for this type of cardio but you may also want to choose activities such as cycling, jogging or using a cross trainer if you are a gym member. We like to use the perceived rate of exertion to gauge your intensity (chart included appendix 1) as it is easy to use a psychophysical tool that require nothing more than your honesty to rate your efforts.

Don’t go hard in your steady state cardio sessions; you want to be aiming for a 5/6 out of 10 saving the higher numbers for your HITT sessions.


We bring the HITT sessions in from week 5 if you are newer to exercise and at week 3 if you already exercise regularly.

Extensive research has shown that high intensity interval training is an effective way to torch fat in a small amount of time whilst forcing your muscles to work harder.

We are taking high intensity interval training to the next level. For our ‘That Girl’ HITT workouts the moves have been “stacked” meaning with each round you increase the amount of effort but not the rest time.

The benefits of HIIT training are increased post-exercise oxygen consumption. This creates a boost in metabolism which in turn will help you to burn more calories, even after you’ve have finished training, whilst also helping you to maintain your lean body mass. Muscle maintenance is extremely important, in fact muscle is 3 times more metabolically active than fat – so over time you will become a fat burning machine as well as achieving an amazing physique.

Finally – Just Saying:

Remember though if you don’t put in the effort then don’t expect results – it’s as simple as that!